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Kaamya Bajaj

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What do you know about the second wave of Covid-19 in India?


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The disease covid 19 spreading from the coronavirus has set up its fright and panic since march 2020. It proved to be a deadly virus and many people lost lives to covid. The people who have recovered from covid are also experiencing small to severe post-recovery symptoms.Letsdiskuss

A complete lockdown then was imposed to control the spread of coronavirus. While the lockdown less contributed to the control of corona but led the country to a major setback. Many people lost their jobs, many businesses went in loss and many companies were shut. Even labourers and migrant workers faced severity. The corona was a fear back 4 months ago but people have become more careless which is leading to an exponential hike in current cases of covid patients. The current cases in India are reported to be 150000+, which is more than ever reported since the beginning of corona. In spite of the government trying for a huge vaccination drive, it is not aiding to sop corona. Many people have side effects from the vaccine, many get infected even after getting the vaccine and a major chunk of people are not interested in vaccination. There are many rumours about the chances of lockdown with the increasing cases. But it all depends on the people who are now fearless from corona due to its less mortality rate. But we need to realise the after-effects or getting covid and problems posed due to its rapid spread and be more aware.

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