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what do you mean by shop act registration ?


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The Shop and Establishment Act is relevant nationwide, and all the business establishments, inclusive of the accommodations, and eateries, leisure parks, theatres, and other leisure homes, in addition to any other such public amusement locations, come beneath the purview of the Act.

The definition of a ‘Commercial Establishment’, as given within the Act is:
  • Any business quarter, which includes banking, trading or insurance institutions
  • Any status quo where individuals are employed or engaged to do office paintings or offer carrier
  • The lodges, eateries and boarding homes or a smaller café or refreshment residence
  • Amusement and leisure places which includes theatres and cinema halls or entertainment parks
All such above noted business institutions come below the Act and want to adhere to the norms and policies set by using the Act for remedy of their personnel.

Shops and Establishment Act – How to use for registration?

While every kingdom has set special rules and policies for registration below the Act, the basic procedure stays the same. The Act requires each business to get approval from the Department of Labour. The registration certificates may be received from the Chief Inspector of Shops and Establishment Act, or from other inspectors delegated to the vicinity where you run the status quo.
An utility, within the prescribed layout, (received from the professional web sites of various States) needs to be submitted to the inspector in rate, with:

  • The call of the established order
  • Name and details of the proprietor (employer) and the personnel (on the time of incorporation of commercial enterprise)
  • The address of the status quo and a replica of sale deed or apartment agreement for the store
  • PAN card of the enterprise or the proprietor
  • All the above details are to be submitted within the form, along side the prescribed fees to the inspector.


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