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ravi singh

teacher | Posted | News-Current-Topics

What do you think about Kangana Ranaut-s comment on Urmila Matondkar?


teacher | Posted

OK so Urmila isn't an entertainer any longer, she is a Politician who speak to congress. While.Kangna is as yet an entertainer.
One thing both have not said words one another, however in the event that you think back in mid 90s the class where Urmila did films were called as Soft Porn. You can google..!
Significant thing to take note.. she hammered Kangna of Drugs n all. However, did she give a little indication of compassion toward what has been done to her as a ladies.
Simply envision you had your home, out in the event that blues a few thugs come and contemplate it and, at that point your locale individuals begins lashing out you..would you like that? You would too have outrage and feelings… youll be distant from everyone else and by what method will you attempt to bring down the disappointment.. you'll express whatever strikes a chord.!
Presently the main inquiry is, if Urmilas words are her or as a gathering individual. It implies her gathering doesn't uphold women's liberation in genuine sense.
Alluding to an old meeting of Urmila wherein she had called Kangana a rudaali, Kangana had pummeled an online media client and posted, "Where was your women's liberation you numb nuts when Urmila called me Rudali and a *****? You counterfeit women's activist disgrace on whole lady kind, do you realize a human don't simply have physical body we have enthusiastic body, mental body and mental body too, assault isn't simply intercourse!!"



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