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What foods should pregnant women avoid?


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Pregnancy is a wonderful gift of god to women. The ability to regenerate and give birth to a new life is incredible in itself. It requires lot of care and healthy food habits to avoid any problem during pregnancy. During pregnancy it is very obvious to get advice from each and every person you meet but you have to be cautious enough and choose wisely what kind of food you should have and what food items you should avoid.

Let me help you with this and let us make a list of food items that you should avoid during your pregnancy.

1. Fish containing mercury like shark, swordfish, tile fish.
2. Raw meat and raw poultry
3. Smoked sea food exposed to industrial pollutants
4. Raw shell fish
5. Raw or under cooked eggs
6. Caffeine products like tea, coffee
7. Raw sprouts
8. Unpasteurized milk, cheese and juices
9. Alcohol
10. Processed junk food
11. Restaurant made salad
12. Allergic foods
13. Canned food
14. Nitrate and sugar rich food
15. Street foods
16. Fatty foods
17. Artificial sweetener
18. Unwashed product

If we conclude, pregnant women should be very careful about their diets and food habits. They should take wholesome and complete food which is at the same time healthy. Hygiene should be a major cause of concern during this period. Even fruits and vegetables which come under the category of healthy food have exceptions. Fruits like papaya, black grapes and pine apple and vegetables like cabbage, lettuce and egg plant should be avoided. Pregnant women should be very careful about their eating habits. Eat healthy, stay fit and enjoy pregnancy. 


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