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What historical fact blows your mind?


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Asia was Called Jambudweepa.
India was called Bharathavarsha
Sanskrit was the language of educated in the Entire Jambudweepa.
There was no religion in Jambudweepa. It was lifestyle.
Vedhas were blend of Code of lead and information.
Jambudweepa was brimming with information and assets aside from Arabian area in the west and mangol-chinese district in the north.
Individuals were living peacefylly with shared information and assets.
At that point came the raiders from west asia and northern piece of Asia. These pillagers were known distinctly for devastation. All the information places and monetary focuses were bulldozed to ground with the sole puepose of making individuals to accept their confidence. The individuals who denied were butchered.
Takshashila was the principal college to the world. Like this 10 different colleges and libraries were scorched. The very individuals who endured till today neglected to understand that their purported aces from west asia decimated their financial and information focuses and they are helpless today in light of these bandits. Not just that the victims celebrate the very bosses who wrecked their financial and information focuses.
At that point came english. These english individuals took our abundance and information moreover. Confined our ability for few hundred years. At the point when they left they isolated the coyntry with vengence and made these areas unmanageable.
The vast majority of the dialects on the planet have establishes in Sanskrit.
The Number Syatem from Sanskrit went to Arabia in adjusted structure. From Arabia to Europe in changed structure. Individuals in the west have named commitment of Bharathavarsha (India) as zero (O) to the world. The Nation with huge history and civilisation isn't so much as an individual from of the Permenent individuals from the UN. It is correct time for Bharathavarsha(India) to leave UN.



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