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Ram kumar

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What important points should all the students appearing for board exams keep in mind?


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The time of board exams is a tensed one for each and every student who is going to appear for the boards. The time does not bring a frenzy only to the students, but also to each and every family member. Yes, mothers are not the only ones who are staying awake with the students. The tension and stress engulf everyone surrounded by the students alike.

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Why I am telling you this, is because I want all the students (as well as parents) to know that studying, especially studying for boards, is not a finality. And your career may depend on these exams to some extent, but your life doesn’t.

There must have been many to give you tips and tricks to memorize the formulae easily, make notes, and revise each and every topic. But I want you to attract your attention towards one more thing which is equally important.

And it is this:

Please know that scoring well in the board exams is not the ultimate destination. No matter how much pressure your parents and teachers put on you. You don’t have to panic if a concept or two are being left out if you are thorough with what you have studied.

If studies make you panic and stressed out, perhaps the conventional studies are not your cup of tea, and there’s nothing wrong in that. And if you are really a bright student, you will find a way eventually.

Apart from this, learn to look beyond just the exams and think about the new gates that will be opened for you once you pass out the school. And trust me, treading new roads will make you realize that the marks for which you are bothering yourself day and night matter no more.

Your life will take you to so many new places, stages, and platforms that being judged by your marks will automatically seem absurd to the point of being bizarre to you.

Now is the time when you give wings to your ambitions without considering how your society judges you.


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