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Pradeep Choudhary

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What is daily diet of virat kohli ?


Cricketer , Dronacharya Cricket Academy | Posted on

There is no doubt that Virat Kohli is one of the fittest Indian cricketers. He has a strong metabolism and this owes to his diet plan. His activeness, his performance, and his good health, all of this is the result of Virat Kohli’s daily diet.

Virat Kohli’s breakfast

For Virat Kohli, his breakfast is the most important meal of all day. In breakfast, he takes the omelet of four eggs, which is prepared after separating the white part of three eggs. So actually, he takes only one complete egg and a fraction of three eggs in breakfast. His omelet has spinach, cheese, and black pepper in it.

With omelet, he either takes grilled bacon or smoked salmon in breakfast. He compliments all this with some fruits like papaya, dragon fruit, and watermelon. For beverage, he takes green tea with lemon.



Virat Kohli’s lunch is considerably lighter and lesser than his breakfast. He takes grilled chicken, smashed boiled potatoes, spinach and other vegetables in lunch. That’s all for his lunch.


Dinner is even lighter than lunch for Virat Kohli. More than food, he takes fruits at night. He prefers to avoid food items rich in carbohydrates at night. He never take chapatti and rice at night.  


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