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Priya Singh

Blogger | Posted 14 Jan, 2020 |

What Is Difference Between Google Ads & Bing Ads?

Manoj Sarkar

Digital marketing professional | Posted 15 Jan, 2020

Hi Priya,

Please find the basic difference between the Google ad and the Bing ad.

1) Search engines: Google has two networks (search network and display network ) but                                              Bing is from Micro-soft and has search engines such as Bing, Yahoo,                                              and AOI so when you run an ad on Bing the ad is seen in all three                                                  engines. 

2)  Display Url: Bing ad shows display URL in bold Font but this is not the case with Google.

3) Keyword:     The search volume of keyword provided by Bing tools are very much low as                                 compared to Google tools.

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Mayank Ranjan

Digital Marketer | Posted 14 Jan, 2020

The Difference Between Google Ads & Bing Ads is the same as the racing of motorbike vs the racing of *****.

haha ha jokes apart

Google ads Shown on Google ( Search Engine) and created by Google ads.

Bing ads are shown as Bing( Search engine) and created by Bing ads

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