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Posted 14 Apr, 2019 |

What is genetic testing?

Priya Gupta

Working with holistic nutrition.. | Posted 16 Apr, 2019

According to Google, genetic testing is “the study of a person’s DNA in order to identify genetic differences or susceptibility to particular diseases or abnormalities”.

Genetic testing basically is used to identify the changes or abnormalities in the DNA of a person so that the risk of genetic disease could be reduced. It identifies the deviations in chromosomes, genes, or proteins. And confirm the suspected genetic conditions, if any.

genetic-testing-letsdiskuss (Courtesy: Science News)

For this, the tests on the samples of DNA are carried out for which, the samples are taken from blood, hair, skin, saliva, amniotic fluid, etc. These samples are then taken to the scientists to identify genetic disorders.

Currently, more than 2000 genetic tests are in use and many more are still developing. Some of the commonly known genetic tests include molecular genetic tests, chromosomal genetic tests, and biochemical genetic tests.

These tests are generally voluntary and done based on the personal choice of the person.