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parvin singh

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What is it that we as Indian Hindus are collectively doing wrong?


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These all focuses are some little changes which a Hindu ought to embrace. You have a brilliant religion make it more magnificent through your works.
Quit being Nice!
"अहिंसा परमो धर्म: धर्म हिंसा तथैव च" signifies peacefulness is a definitive dharma yet on the off chance that we see our dharma in peril than to safe it we can go with viciousness.
I have seen numerous individuals disregarding their religion's stand in light of their kinship. Truly you got your name first of the darling individual. I'm not requesting to take up arms yet in any event for your religion. Recollect religion and language these two are fundamental character of any individual.
Uninformed about sacred writings
Who was Kansa?
He was uncle of Ravana a large portion of individuals addressed this some were sure while some were in disarray.
Have you all gone crazy, OK fine you haven't read any hindu sacred text however atleast have the regular information about your principle things.
Real mordern guardians are liable for this they need there child to be Gora(Englishmen) yet they don't know about the way that this doesn't involve pride it's a matter of disgrace if your child doesn't know about this all.
Utilization of RIP!!!
I have seen numerous imbeciles who profess to be steadfast Hindu, the consider themselves Mahakaal's bhakt however when a hindu kicks the bucket they use Rest In Peace, we don't sit tight for any day of atonement, our karma will choose whether we will go in paradise or hellfire. We will take resurrection or get moksh(rid from the pattern of birth and passing) So rather than RIP use "ईश्वर उनकी आत्मा की शांति/मोक्ष प्रदान करे" (May his spirit gets salvation).
Underestimating religion.
I'm such a great amount of dazzled with the Muslim people group about there devotion towards there religion, we ought to take in this from them and ought to follow it.
Have you ever observed any muslim or Christian visiting sanctuary, or applying Tilak.(exception exist).
Lion's share of you'll state and this is acceptable. Why they ought to do this? Companionship is other thing and religion is other. In any case, we Hindus visit mosque and wear that skull cap.
Why?? Because you are allowed to pick, you'll do this truly.
Why? We have to follow other religion just to demonstrate we are common, isn't regarding other is adequate.
Read About Hindu Dharma
Dominant part of hindus are ignorant about vedas, they even don't realize that they exist. Oh dear and these are similar individuals who slander others religion. Shielding religion is extraordinary and slandering other to aggravate our better is. You are Hindu, you can get lost for this transgression. Rather than causing others to feel low proceed to ***** your sacred writings.
I have seen lion's share of adolescents following Mahakaal. OK it's acceptable and an individual decision. In any case, the weak purpose behind this is the presumption of Mahakaal makes them more manly. They are a similar individual who once in a while vist sanctuary or do such a petition however they'll be the most inquisitive in doing pakhand.



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