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What Is Modular Sortation System And What Are Its Benefits?


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Amongst all the robotic solutions available in the market, the modular sortation system is currently snatching the spotlight. This solution is designed for modern distribution and logistics centers serving the retail, express, and courier companies. This system offers flexible automation as opposed to the rigid automation which modern warehouses require today to operate with agility in a complex environment. The modular sortation system is a highly affordable and investment-friendly solution. Its capacity to handle multiple tasks at one time can be increased easily with the addition of more AMRs (autonomous mobile robots) as the business grows. These AMRs are capable of carrying parcels from inducts-where the packages arrive-to its final sort destination, by using the most efficient path determined by the ML and AI algorithms.

What Are The Benefits Of Modular Sortation System?

The modular sortation system is designed for portability, versatility, and sortation efficiency. This system fits well in most of the warehousing environment due to its fluidic layouts, requiring less additional infrastructure. It is a high-performance system which can operate 24*7 round the clock. It helps in reducing the cost per shipment along with the dependency on the additional labor during peak hours. As an Artificial-Intelligence-enabled robotic system, it can be easily scaled to meet the evolving business requirements for handling significant peaks and eliminating during non-peak hours for lowering the operational costs. The elements of the system are designed to enable quick implementation due to its simple and compact design, standardization, and modularity.

Other Advantages Associated With Modular Sortation System:

High-Speed Sortation:

The modular sortation system performs high-speed sortation similarly to the fixed conveyor sorter/conventional sorting solutions with multiple benefits like the ability for adding sorting capacity during peak durations. Also, the more accessible layout updates, quick deployment, as well as modular elements, can individually be turned off when this solution is not in use.

Plug-and-Play Components:

This solution is highly flexible. Its plug-and-play component can be easily added at any time without even incurring downtime. It is developed and designed with perfection with no single point of failure. This system is capable of handling up to 12,000 parcels per hour sorting up to 100s of destinations; consisting of popular post as well as courier items up to 15 kgs.


The courier, postal and express businesses are facing multiple latest types of challenges due to unprecedented growth in volumes which are coupled with the volatility of peak periods, as well as enhancing user expectations for same and next day deliveries. Logistics and distribution centers are in need to be enabled by new-generation technologies and solutions that can cope with the quickly evolving realities of the industry. Hence, investing in modular sortation system could be your best decision ever made. This system is highly beneficial for businesses with higher-order fulfillment demands.


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