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Rahul Mehra

System Analyst (Wipro) | Posted on | Food-Cooking

What is smoothie as everyone is talking about this nowadays?


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Smoothie is a drink which is a combination of fruits or vegetable with or without dairy products .

For the past few years people are becoming very health conscious and talking about healthy eating and drinking. Even though teenagers are attracted to fast food, a considerable amount of the girls and middle aged men and women are started paying attention to their weight and diet plan.

If we go to any dietician or health planner, the first thing they will recommend you is juices and smoothies. Although for the sake of argument we can say both are same, Smoothie has larger amount of fiber than juice.

There are so many varieties of healthy vegetable smoothies you can make at home. For example take small bunch of blanched spinach, few washed coriander leaves, 1 lemon, pinch of pepper and salt and half a glass of water. Blend all these in a blender, pour it in a glass and drink it. If you want to reduce wait, you can have this instead of oily breakfast. Smoothies are enriched with vitamins and minerals and have very few calories, will give you the energy you needed until your lunch time. You can replace spinach with bottle guard or cucumber, and mint with coriander leaves. Likewise you can have sugarless fruit smoothie also. If you are not worried about your weight, then you can have banana and milk , strawberry and yogurt or chocolate and ice cream smoothies also.

So enjoy this summer with smoothie of your choice.


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Blogger | Posted on

In the event that anything needn't bother with a formula it's a smoothie. I've seen smoothie "cookbooks" and they simply make me laugh uncontrollably.

Get some organic product. It helps if some of it is solidified, yet you can likewise include ice 3D shapes later.

Include some stuff. Possibly oats (on the off chance that you have a decent blender), nutty spread, chocolate, milk, yogurt, dessert, natural product squeeze, whatever. Attempt avocado. Spinach or kale leaves. That is to say, you presumably won't add those things to a similar smoothie. Be that as it may, perhaps.

Mix until smooth. On the off chance that excessively thick, include progressively fluid. Mix some more.


There is no enchantment to smoothies. Simply mix stuff.

The main motivation to drink them is on the grounds that you like them. Try not to anticipate that them should make you "more advantageous". No food does that. Remember that they will in general be sweet, in addition to they retain rapidly, so you most likely shouldn't have them consistently.