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What is the best educational program for kids?


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Their education starts before the child goes to school. Comprehensive early childhood care and education aims to promote the overall growth, development and learning of children from birth to six years of age.


In early childhood years, the meaning of 'education' is not only pre-school education but also includes teaching children through drama, storytelling and music etc. At the age of 3-6, children learn best with toys, stories, songs, dances etc.

Good early childhood care and education helps children to adapt themselves to the school environment and ensures that they earn better education in school.

As per the early childhood care and education policy of the Government of India, Anganwadi should play the role of an 'active child-friendly early childhood development center'. In Chapter 3 we learned about this role of Anganwadi.

It should especially emphasize the enrollment of children and girls from poor and resourceless families. They should also ensure that they complete their education. Anganwadi should celebrate Early Childhood and Care Day on a fixed day each month which should also include community members and parents.

Some of the other programs that provide early childhood care and education are - Assistance to NGOs providing early childhood care and education, Kindergarten run by NGOs with government grants, Day care centers run by Government and NGOs. Primary school.


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