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What is the best phone for elderly who have trouble hearing and adapting to new technology?


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There are several feature mobile phones available on the market today which are specifically designed for seniors including those who are having hearing impairment. These are some basic cell phones that have very easy to use features and also have a strong built up with big buttons, easy to navigate menus, SOS emergency buttons, enhanced sound and also hearing aid compatible.
Here are the 2 most effective feature phones which are suitable for seniors.

1) Jitterbug5
This custom designed Samsung flip-phone offers a backlit keypad with big buttons, large text on a brightly colored screen with “YES” and “NO” buttons to access various options in the menu instead of confusing icons.
This phone also offers voice dialing, a powerful speakerphone, and built in camera. It is also well equipped with a variety of optional health and safety features like the “5 Star” medical alert button that would help seniors to speak with security systems 24/7 with location tracking ability to provide help whenever needed. ”Urgent Care” provides an access to all registered nurses and doctors for advice and diagnosis. Also, a “GreatCall Link” which keeps all family members informed about all the activities in your parent’s phone.

2)Doro PhoneEasy 62.
A simple & less expensive cell phone, sold by Consumer Cellular is an excellent cell phone option for seniors.
This phone offers a backlit, separated keypad that can speak the numbers as you press them, which is a great feature for seniors who are having vision problems. It also has a big color display screen which offers large text with different color themes, which makes it easy & convenient for reading.
This phone includes two speed dial buttons, shortcut buttons for texting and camera. It offers a powerful two-way speakerphone, and an ICE(in case of emergency) button on the backside which will automatically dial the number which is chosen by a person using it.
Digital health devices especially focused on seniors are among the growing niche businesses in the market. Many companies are trying to make older adult’s life healthy, safe and independent. Feature phones are just the tip of an iceberg.
I hope this information helps.


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