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What is the difference between exercise, physical activity and fitness?


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In today's competitive environment, everyone desires to lead a healthy life. A regular workout helps to keep you energetic and refreshed. It even boosts you to remain in the competition of day-to-day life and achieve your targets in life.


But yes, you should be well aware of the type of workout you need. Right workout results in desired results. When we are talking about the workout, it means exercises, physical activity, and fitness. This blog deals with the same.


Before letting you know the difference, it is better to discuss the definition of the three.


What is Physical Activity?


All the activities that are done voluntarily, (without any pressure from anyone) are called Physical activities. When we are involved in any physical activity, our skeletal muscles get activated. You can even explain it in another way: Production of different activities by the movement of your skeletal muscles is referred to as physical activity. So all physical activities and skeletal muscles are very much linked to each other.


Are you a homemaker? Do you know: whenever you are cooking, washing, making children ready for school, you are doing several physical activities? Yes, it is a fact.


Even if you're an employee who needs to do several movements all the time, it can be considered as doing physical activities. Your skeletal muscles remain activated for the maximum time.


We often hear that our elders or doctors advise us to always remain busy with some daily physical activities. It helps our body and mind to remain away from various health issues.


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What is exercise and what is the difference between physical activity and exercise(physical activity vs exercise)?


Exercises are a combination of several physical activities that follow specific rules, patterns, and structures. There are several types of exercises for different parts of the body. You can also try spin classes like indoor cycling in a live and fun environment. Because no single exercise can go well with all parts of the body. Do not think that body will start reacting to the exercises within one or two days. It takes time and gradually improves your health.


It concludes that physical activity is a broad concept and exercise is a subpart of physical activity.


What is fitness and what is the difference between physical activity and fitness(Physical activity vs fitness)?


You are physically fit means you have a proper balance of nutritious food and appropriate exercises. Wait, a sufficient amount of rest is also needed to remain physically fit throughout your life.


Sometimes, regular walking or jogging, or freehand exercises are sufficient to keep you physically fit.


So it concludes that physical activities are all different from physical fitness. Because physical activities are one of the mediums to help you stay fit and lead a healthy life.

Likewise, sometimes specific exercises are advised by experts to improve the functioning of a specific body part. This proves that exercises are related to physical fitness but both do not have a similar meaning.


For a better explanation, examples of physical activity and exercise:


Physical activity may include both household activities, specific exercises, or even other curricular activities like swimming, running, sports, dancing, etc.


Exercises specifically include squats, pushups, side planks, etc. Regular walking and jogging for some time is also a very good exercise for everyone to remain fit.


So remember to practice exercises possible at home and remain active to stay healthy in this covid situation.




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