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Suresh Tamrakar

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what is the diffrence between everest base camp trek vs annapurna base camp trek ?


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Annapurna Base Camp has a height of 4130 meters though Everest Base Camp has an elevation of 5380 meters. This implies on some random day, Everest Base Camp is colder than the Annapurna Base Camp. ... So in the event that you are searching for rainstorm trek with less interference, EBC is the spot to go.


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LetsdiskussThe trek that needs to be in everyone’s bucket list, a once in a lifetime thing, an experience 

which can not be explained by words. Both Annapurna and Everest Base Camp starts from
Nepal. Both are equally beautiful and majestic in their both ways, but in order to select either
which one you need to select entirely depends on multiple factors such weather, altitude ,
trekking duration , gear required and also the cost for each summit.

Everest Base Camp
Also called the beginning of Mount Everest summit, here trekkers and tourist come to common
ground on the height of 3420m where they see colorful prayer flags of Basecamp, sharp high
mountains and a chilly breeze that vibrates the spine. Cost for Everest may differ from company
to company providing summit and you can also save money by taking shorter routes by
travelling in road.

Annapurna Base Camp
This one is bit easy or gentler for new people, you can also say a test run for amateurs who
want action. The best thing about this trek is you don't need to pass through kumbha valley and
can go through multiple other ways which can cut dow distance upto 2000m. the descent from
Annapurna ki much better hence extra knee pain and will provide majestic experience
throughout travelling


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