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What is the experience of reading Bhagavatam?


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  • SB (Srimad Bhagavatam) Gave me away from of what is about sacred text or Purana in any case, when I was little even little book of any Baba's, Mata's or any sadhu's attempt to be sacred text …
  • SB disclosed to me where to keep confidence which is more approved simply like any philosophical statment ought to be affirmed by Guru, Sadhu and Shastra Similarly your confidence is most significant aspect of your like ..it is much the same as featuring wheel of a Car … in the event that it isn't dealt with appropriately vehicle can't be controlled…
  • SB gave me what is my actual personality, is I am this Body or Atma or something different…
  • As it said that Bhagavat Gita is basically investigation of shastra … and srimad Bhagavad is graduate examination … likewise to comprehend Who Am I , what is reason ans who is incomparable is delightfully characterized in Bhagavat Gita and How to carry on with existence with that awareness is characterized expertly.
  • SB is " sarva shastradi piusha" nectar beat by sea of every single vedic sacred writing. So the information is coming out from lovely Verse resemble nectar when we are absolutely sitting tight for intelligence when we are separated from everyone else and nobody their to support us …
  • SB is, " serve vedaika satphala " most conspicuous supernatural product of Vedic sacred text. All sacred writing affirm the situation of SB as amalam puranam.
  • All Acharya previously, present and future endorsed the every single sentance, word or dhatu composed is great and legitimate.Perusing srimad Bhagavad every day one will be liberated from bleakness, mental shortcoming, battling soul and a lot more mental issues cleaned away.
  • SB revealed to me how to implore ruler, do we need to appeal to fulfill our faculties yet to fulfill preeminent master Krishna.
  • SB gave me clear understanding who is God what are various levels we regularly keep confidence and who is incomparable character of godhead krishna … .just by giving up you will accomplish all Just like watering the base of tree naturally reaches to all aspects of tree… 



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