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Posted 17 Aug, 2019 |

What is the future of real estate and technology?

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Artist | Posted 19 Dec, 2019

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Posted 17 Aug, 2019

The Future of Real Estate and Technology
Technology is taking its place in every aspect of our lives. The real estate industry is also witnessing the advent of technology for about a decade now. It has introduced real estate companies to a number of innovations. Several online portals started coming up which has made the selling of properties very simple. It has created a gateway for people to reach people. Technology as of now has created opportunities for the owners to display their properties online. Customers get a complete idea about the property even before they visit the site. This is helping owners to manage their businesses in an effective way.
Technology in real estate today
Real estate owners today have the capability to create an online platform for customers. They have different marketing tools to reach out to customers who are looking to buy a property. E-mail marketing, sales and marketing automation tools, web development, etc have boosted the industry. Almost every real estate owner in India has a website that tells everything about the property. They update everything about new projects, post pictures, and upload videos too.
Thapar India is one of the renowned real estate companies in Delhi NCR that use technology as a medium to improve the experience of every customer. We innovate and keep our website updated with the latest technology for enhancing the quality of the property. We also have a team of property experts who get in contact with the customers whenever necessary.
Future of real estate
With technology, the real estate projects in Delhi NCR will definitely become even more popular than it is today. Here is a list of some possible technologies that we think will become the trends of the future.
1. Virtual home visit
Displaying pictures on the website is a way of engaging people with one real estate property. This is existing today and customers get a rough idea about how the property looks. It is possible that this can be replaced with a virtual reality display. A 3D display is also expected to become famous. With this, people will get a proper view of the home in every direction.
2. Smart home technologies
Smart home appliances are common today. There are smart TV, AC, speakers that are integrated with WiFi. This makes life easy and very convenient for people. In the future, instead of WiFi, it can be integrated with the cloud. A lot of experiment projects are done with smart home technologies and have a great scope of improvement in the future. Bringing new concepts like AI is also under experimentation. You can expect benefits like security and safety. It can also be helpful in detecting the health of people living in a smart home.
3. Virtual assistants
Today, Chabot has become very common and owners are integrating it with their project. This helps customers in searching for what they want. There is a chance that virtual assistants guide them. This can be the most promising sales automation tool for the future. Virtual assistants can help fix dates for site visits, make voice searches, give an analysis of the property in Vaishali and more.
The real estate industry will surely get a major boost with these smart technologies. This w ill help them sell properties quickly and efficiently.