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What is the history of Father's Day and when is Father's Day 2021?


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Happy Father’s Day 2021


Hey friends, are you ready to surprise your father tomorrow? If you have not made any plans yet, please hurry! Why? Well, tomorrow i.e. 20th June 2021 is Happy Father’s Day 2021. Only a few hours are left. Father’s Day has already started knocking on your doors.


We all love our father. Right! He is the one who has taught you how to take small steps. Right! He knew that you may fall, but he was always there to hold your small fingers and give support at each step. Do you remember how he has taught us, about how to judge things and make correct decisions? Wow! Those days when you kept on waiting for your father to come from the office and give you a tight hug. Nostalgic!


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It is your turn now to do the best for your father. Well, our parents get happy only if we remain happy. Their love is endless and does not expect any return. But Father Day gives you the opportunity to make your father feel special. Although they are always an internal part of our life. We are living in this beautiful world for them. Well, you can gift flowers, a pen, or fulfill any secret wish of your father as a gift of him on Father’s Day. It is a tribute to all the sacrifices, contributions they make for making your life better.


Father’s Day - History


There remains a craze for the celebration of Father’s Day in different parts of the world. And Father’s Day is celebrated at different times but mostly they are celebrated in March, May, June. And surprisingly, most parts of the world have witnessed this day of paternal bonding on the third Sunday of June.


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Father’s Day History: In 1910, Sonora Smart Dodd started celebrating Father’s Day for the first time on June’s third Sunday. Right then, the journey started to express your gratitude on this very special day.


Yes, we are going through Covid Phase but still, try to celebrate Father’s Day as much as possible for you. Do not forget to surprise your father by saying ‘Happy Father’s Day, Papa!’


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Fathers day is celebrated on the third Sunday of June every year.This year it is coming on 20th  June and that is tomorrow. So i would like all of you out there ,surprise your dad by just saying I Love You.Trust me that will really mean a lot to both of you and make dads day special.

A father, is our role model  and that one special man who is a  parent,  and guide  we all look up to  and the one who  protects us in every phase of our life.

Fathers day has a lot of history behind it.The daughter of a dedicated reverend, Grace Golden, proposed a Sunday service for the hundreds of men who lost their lives in a mining accident in USA on July 5,1908.

A few years later, Sonora Smart Dodd  wanted to  honor her father, William Jackson Smart, a civil war veteran,for raising her and her five siblings as a single parent. She started promoting Father's Day at a national level .President Richard Nixon signed a declaration in the year 1972 for fathers day celebration. Since then, Father's Day is celebrated every year on the third Sunday of June and slowly it gained popularity around the globe.



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