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ashutosh singh

teacher | Posted 16 Oct, 2020 |

What is the history of Navratri?

ashutosh singh

teacher | |Updated 17 Oct, 2020

Navratri is known as the Festival of Nine Nights is given to the love of Shakti or the Divine Mother. She is accepted to be the maker of the world as per the strict philosophy of Hinduism.

There are fundamentally two stories behind the festival of this celestial celebration. Both the records have a typical subject of "Triumph of Good over Evil".

The primary story is from Ramayana.

The triumph of Lord Rama over Ravana(evil ruler of antiquated Sri Lanka), the person who stole his significant other, Sita. The nine days of the Navaratri see the establishment of the epic 'Ramayana' and the 10th day (Dussehra) is the day of the last battle between Lord Rama and Ravana. Rama executes Ravana in his last fight. The equivalent is additionally introduced in Ramlila, which closes on Dussehra. The festival closes with the consuming of the representations of Ravana and his siblings Kumbhkaran and Meghnad.

The subsequent story is from the epic 'Devi Mahatmya'. It is the principle purpose for the festival in Northeastern and Eastern Northeastern conditions of India. It is accepted that goddess Durga combat with the Mahishasura to reestablish Dharma and harmony. This perfect triumph of Goddess Durga is recognized as Durga Pooja.