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Vikas joshi

Sales Executive in ICICI Bank | Posted 05 Mar, 2019 |

What is the importance of Feng Shui products?

Kanchan Sharma

Content Writer | Posted 05 Mar, 2019

Feng Shui may not be as popular as Vastu in India, but still, there are people who believe in the effects of Feng Shui products, and hence keep these things in their homes. Feng Shui is a Chinese knowledge based on the study and interpretation of water and air. It functions like Vastu Shastra to some extent. Just like the places and directions of certain products in home eliminate the negative energy from there according to Vastu Shastra, there are some products, according to Feng Shui, whose presence in the home brings positive energy.

Given below are some products used according to Feng Shui, along with their importance:

• Three Coins

importance-of-feng-shui-products-letsdiskuss (Courtesy: 99.co)

You must have seen people hanging three coins with a red thread on the entrance of their house. According to Feng Shui, these three coins along with a red thread brings peace and prosperity. It brings Goddess Laxmi (the representative of wealth) at the gates of your house. Take care that the coins are hanged inside the entrance, not outside.

• Bamboo Plant

importance-of-feng-shui-products-letsdiskuss (Courtesy: indiamart.com) 

According to Chinese tradition, the bamboo plant is very auspicious. If you have a bamboo plant at your home, it will bring happiness and recognition to you. Feng Shui tells us that the growth of this plant signifies the growth of your happiness.

• Chinese Frog

importance-of-feng-shui-products-letsdiskuss (Courtesy: walmart.ca)

In China, the frog is seen as the symbol of Goddess Laxmi. This is the reason why Chinese people have a picture of the frog on the threshold and gate of their homes. The version of a frog used in Feng Shui has three limbs and a coin in its mouth. This frog is always kept outside the house.

• Wind Chime

importance-of-feng-shui-products-letsdiskuss (Courtesy: seotoolbox.co)

Indians use wind chimes as a decorative piece for their homes, but in China, it holds importance as per Feng Shui. Small bells at the entrance of your home and at your windows bring positivity.

• Fishes

importance-of-feng-shui-products-letsdiskuss (Courtesy: wikiHow)

Fishes, when kept in the house are said to be very lucky as a Feng Shui product. Those who keep an aquarium in their house have a higher purpose than just decoration. The aquarium should be kept in the main room or living room of your house, in the South-East direction.

Having nine goldfishes, 8 of golden colors and 1 of black color favors your luck.

Kanchan Sharma

Content Writer | |Updated 24 Mar, 2019