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What is the Lewis dot diagram for CLO3?


digital marketer | Posted

Since ClO3 is a polyatomic atom (chlorate ion) with a charge of -1 it's far represented with 1 chlorine atom and three oxygen atoms. The chlorine atom has two double bonds with two oxygen atoms and a unmarried bond with the last oxygen atom.

Here is a comic of the structure (please pardon the terrible drawing): 

( Image : google )

Remember to position rectangular brackets across the lewis dot shape to signify it is a polyatomic atom and upload a terrible signal to signify its charge! 

The atom has a charge of -1 because of there being 26 electrons in its structure despite the fact that oxygen handiest has 6 valence electrons (three oxygen atoms have 18) and chlorine has 7 valence electronics, which makes a complete of 25 valence electrons inside the atoms themselves. This way that the polyatomic atom needs a further electron to have atoms with stable octet valence shells inflicting a negative fee of one.


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