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What is wrong with Congress?


teacher | Posted

Today individuals Know Congress in vain aside from solid record ofcorruption in its last Govt and absense of successful top initiative since long.
10 years of quiet with respect to PM Manmohan Singh and arrangement of extreme defilement accusations on its priests and number of tricks cut congress picture down an excessive amount of that it indicated most exceedingly terrible ever execution of boiling down to just 44 MPs in the last Lokshabha election.And greatest reason for such chronicled mishap was the trillion Rs of tricks Congress drove Govt provided for our nation.
The following is the rundown of some greatest tricks occurred in last Congress drove UPA Govt.
1. Coal trick cost around Rs 1.86 laks crores
2. Madhu Koda mining trick Rs 4000 crores
3. Telecom 2G trick Rs 1.76 laks crores
4. Hasan Ali Hawala trick Rs 91000 crores
5. Augusta Westland Chopper trick.
6.Common Wealth Games tricks.
7.Aadarsh Housing Society tricks.
8.Tata truck trick.
Furthermore, list is unending.
On the off chance that open plunder of nation was the fundamental component of last Congress drove UPA Govt how senators try to restrict .condemn and challege the present practically legit Government under the authority of Modi ji.
Presently lets talk about Congress authority .
Congress has Rahul Gandhi and Sonia as its incomparable chiefs and both appears to be juvenile and bumbling and don't fit to the yearnings of the peole of the country.Also that preeminent "couple" appears to have impact of toadies in its team.Leaders better to state flatteres like Salamn Khurshid , Mani Shankar Aiyyer and Digvijai Singh just added to the debasement of the picture of the congress.
"Pariwarwaad" in reality overwhelms in the gathering to the degree that when Pranav Mukherjee should be most fit possibility for Prime Ministership they rather be situated Manmohan Singh on PM seat similarly as a loyal laborer of Gandhi family.
It hushes up obvious that for the Congress Gandhi family start things out not the nation in any case ability like Pranav Mukherjee (with broad political and discretionary experience)would not have been sidelined to the latent post of President.



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