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What makes Autodialer the Best Software to Create Leads for your Business?


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While we can confidently say that the bridge between a flourishing company and its customer base is healthy communication between them, the tools facilitating this communication are equally crucial to the cause. Companies run several simultaneous campaigns for various processes such as nurturing inbound leads, generating new leads, market research, surveys & feedback to match the competition. Even agents go through a stringent process of manual dialling to achieve competitive targets facing wastage of time and ending up at answering machines, disconnected calls, busy tones, dialling each number manually, and repeating a series of unproductive tasks. Cloud telephony services have not only simplified the communication process for both the customer and the company but also introduces the autodialer solution which enables a boost in the agent’s talk time proportionately per hour, reducing idle time and assisting in the commercial and operational improvement of your business.      

It is imperative to recognise and implement an effective tool like an autodialer for an out-and-out progression of your business. An autodialer is software that can accelerate the manual dialling procedure by an individual agent converting it to an automated practice of dialling phone numbers listed in the database which is both faster and more precise. It eliminates the call drops, misdialling, excessive call waiting time, etc. increasing the call connect ratio by detecting voicemails, busy signals and ‘do not disturb’ numbers that hinder the reachability to customers. It can also significantly increase agent efficiency by augmenting the agent talk time and reducing the average call handling time for an overall smooth call management system.

The best part of implementing the autodialer is generating leads for your business. Lead generation can be decisive to a business since it can build visibility, trust and credibility of your brand while driving traffic from high-quality potentials. For a better comprehension of the notion let’s check out a few of how an autodialer service can prove to be the best software in the creation of new leads for your enterprise.         

  1. Categorising Leads According to Responses

The nature of your potential lead can impact the growth and revenue prospects of your business directly. Setting apart reliable leads from the mediocre ones can assist in furthering follow-ups and investing resources in an adequate method. However, classifying the leads can be difficult before having a relevant conversation with them. An autodial software can provide you with the periphery of apprehending the position of the lead through its responsiveness. The automated calls made by the autodialer determine which of the leads are responsive by picking up the calls and exhibiting their interest levels. The non-responsive leads can be easily established if they are not answering the calls or showing any interest even after multiple tries. This process makes it easier for the agents to either influence the good leads into sales conversions or move out the poor leads temporarily or sometimes even permanently.        

  1. Segregating DND Activated Numbers

The smart intelligence of an autodialer qualifies it to differentiate between an actual human being & machines and filter out the ‘do-not-call’ (DNC) or ‘do-not-disturb’ (DND) numbers from other approachable contacts. This might save the company a substantial number of penalisations as the violation of calling DNC or DND activated numbers can result in lawsuits and hefty penalties for the company. So, with the help of autodialers, it’s easier to avoid contacting the people appearing in the DNC/DND listings and contemplating the rules.

Not just DNC/DND listings, but the autodialer can also predict whether the call has been picked by the answering machine or a real human being just by analysing the opposite voice response. In case of a frequent encounter with an answering machine, the autodialer updates the information on the database enabling the agent to focus on responsive customers and saving call waiting for time and productivity of the agent.              

  1. Seamless Integration with CRM & Lead Management Tools

Most businesses utilise the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and/or the Lead Management Tool to improve the sales and marketing adaptability of the enterprise with the current market competition. Integrating these tools with the autodialer can increase the chances of boosting the lead generation and updating the customer data automatically without any reduction in the productivity of agents. Moreover, the integration of CRM software and lead management system with autodialer eliminates the risk of making errors and imports phone number files with minimum configurations.    

  1. Customised Geographical Filtering

If you are aiming to maximise your reachability on a global scale, then it becomes essential to contact leads at the proper timing of their geographical location. Cloud-based autodialers offer customisation that includes filtering leads based on their time zones and physical locations and other various options that reciprocates with your business requirements. This enhances the chances of call pickup to a double rate.     

  1. Easy Scheduling of Call Backs

Sometimes potential leads can be neglected due to the lack of proper follow-ups. Many times, the agent is also not able to connect with a customer on the first attempt. During such circumstances, the autodialer enables timely reschedule of call-backs and linking to the lead. The manual scheduling is automated and the possibility of excluding the lead or neglecting can be specifically avoided resulting in the advancement of the telemarketing campaigns and heightening the customer connections. 



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