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Kim Chauhan

Avid Reader | Posted on | Science-Technology

What makes Samsung S9 so special?


Entrepreneur | Posted on

Samsung S9 is much similar to last year’s S8. Yes, there are minor changes and improvements to enhance users’ experience. However, so small and negligent, many of regular users would likely overlook them. Thankfully, there wasn’t much expected from this latest launch from Samsung in the S-series.

The company, along with other top brands like Apple and Microsoft, has been consistently introducing gimmicky changes in their products just for the sake of it. They are trying to fix things that aren’t even broken. If you will look at the current and previous generations of the phone of the last couple of years, you won’t necessarily find many remarkable and high-utility changes. Right from iPhone to Microsoft Surface to now Samsung S9.

That being said, S8 was one of the best smartphones ever. And even after one whole year and multiple launches from the competitors, the phone still holds to its grandeur with exceptional appearance and industry-defining performance.

S9 is in the same line. It has an incredible low-light camera that, thanks to the dual aperture, can click the finest picture even past dawn. Shooting video, too, is a complete delight with crystal clear shots that you can change in super slow motion. Undoubtedly, S9 is a holy-grail for new photographers, filmmakers, and YouTubers. The speaker has also seen a slight improvement. The songs, when blazing in high volume, don’t break or zone out.

On technical fronts, there are few more improvements—but nothing that makes any dramatic impact. The most evident change is in the fingerprint scanner that has been repositioned from the right of the camera (in S8) to below the camera. This makes unlocking the phone much more convenient without accidentally fingering the camera.

Samsung has improved its personal assistant, Bixby, in this phone. But it doesn’t really matter, does it? Everyone will be using the much smarter Google Assistant anyway.

All in all, Samsung S9 (and S9 Plus), although very similar to predecessor, is a complete beast on every front. It is, in fact, the most advanced Smartphone we have seen till date. So, if you’re looking to buy a premium phone, S9 is a great choice. It is priced at around Rs 55,000-57,000 in India. However, if you already own the previous version S8, you might NOT want to upgrade it.