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What may be counted as great mistakes of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj?


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As per me, Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj was the best lord ever in Maharashtra. Be that as it may, because of incredible visually impaired pride about Maharaj among the people, they never investigate the life of their maharaj. Yet, I discover a few focuses where there may be a few slip-ups

Making an excessive number of relationships

Confiding in spouses particularly who gave poison.

Doing an illustrious family to lead as legacy I. e. Putting sambhaji raje on seat after death who was unreliable and imprudent yet fearless. Rather he ought to have put somebody other who was as equipped for maharaj himself as swaraj was rule of individuals not an illustrious family like the mughals.

Spending a lot on crowning ritual function.

Tuning in to the bramins which were bad, were spreading the bogus message of strict dread, authority among the network.

Not taking a gander at British, Dutch, Portuguese production line business just as impedance in India.

He may be only a public declarated ruler taking endowments of holy people, goddess bhavani and jijamata. At that point for what reason accomplishing such a great deal undesirable royal celebration cycle of which because of miss fortune stars second crowning liturgy was finished.



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