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Abdul Malik

News reporter (CEN News ) | Posted | News-Current-Topics

What message do you have for BJP Bhakts?


Entrepreneur | Posted

1. The remaining of the country is still looking for “Vikas”. If you know where it is, do tell us.
(Courtesy: Memecreator.com) 

2. Demonetization was/is a big failure. STOP defending it.

3. Not Congress, it’s your spokesperson Sambit Patra who has done more harm to your party’s image. Get rid of him.

4. Promises of your party leaders that “Mandir wahi Banega” is false. Stop believing that. They are just manipulating your extreme religious sentiments to win votes.

5. Stop harassing journalists like Ravish Kumar and Rajdeep Sardesai. Believe it or not, surprise it may come, some journalists in the country still has NOT sold their ethics.

6. The Wire isn’t anti-Modi.

7. In 2014, BJP won only 31 percent of the total vote share. It is the lowest vote share of any party to win the election.

8. Rs 15 lakh hasn’t yet reached people’s bank accounts. Do tell Modi Ji.

9. PM Modi, on Twitter, follows extremists and bigots.

10. BJP government failed on many fronts. Understand that it isn’t because of Nehru.

11. STOP blaming Nehru and Gandhi for everything. They are dead. Gone. Own your sh#t.

12. Between 2014 and 2018, in four years, the Modi government spent Rs 4,300 crore on publicity. So, while you were struggling to save hundreds and a few thousand from your monthly income, remember how extravagantly your party spent the money.

13. You are being mass-brainwashed with Hindu-Muslim topics. Realize this!

14. Kunal Kamra is a comedian with political opinion. Let him be.

15. Criticizing the Modi government doesn’t make anyone anti-nationalist.

16. Supporting Modi might make you a nationalist BUT sure doesn’t make you a patriot. Be a patriot like our soldiers and freedom fighters and NOT a hypocritical nationalist.

17. Modi government killed the democratic structure of Indian media. Congratulations.

18. Just putting up “Chowkidaar” in your social media name doesn’t make you empathetic to the real Chowkidaars. Go and look into their lives and the struggles they go through every day.

19. PM Modi has lied MANY TIMES. Perhaps, he could be one of Trump’s foremost competitor when it comes to a state leader lying, to such extents, bluntly at that. The list of lies!

20. We still don’t know the educational qualification of our Prime Minister. Although, after 5 years, we now know that he’s the dean of Whatsapp University.

(Courtesy: DailyO) 

21. In 5 years, PM Modi has traveled to more countries than you ever will in your whole life.

22. PM Modi sleeps for only four hours every night. Nobody has a clue what he does for 20 hours when he’s awake. He sure isn’t worried about farmers, teachers, doctors, students, and the chowkidaars.
 (Courtesy: Business Insider)

23. AGAIN: In 2014, BJP won only 31 percent of the total vote share. It is the lowest vote share of any party to win the election.
 (Courtesy: India Today)

 (Courtesy: India Time)


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