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What might be some interesting things about the India vs Pakistan cricket match


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Away from the bigoted India and Pakistan war in newsrooms, we will finally see a real and hold-thy-breath contest in World Cup 2019.

India vs. Pakistan is happening. On 16th June. At 3 pm.

There's a lot of interesting things about this collision between two arch-rivals.

For the starters, we know India will win. Period.

This means we might also see something like this happen again in Pakistan…

Some tough hashtags will trend on Twitter. #HowsTheJosh. And maybe, if people remember, #MaukaMauka. 

Letsdiskuss (Courtesy: Hindustan Times)

Of course, there will massive exchange of abuses on social media from both sides.

Following India's victory, some Pakistanis will humbly accept defeat, while others would continue their abuse tirade. On the Indian side, following the victory, some will take pity on Pakistan, a lot will make fun of them, and the remaining will continue their abuses.

We will see cricket and movie celebrities on this side Tweet with the nationalist undertone. From Anupam Kher and Akshay Kumar to Virendra Sehwag and Tendulkar.

The likes of Salman Khan, who likely couldn’t care less about India vs. Pakistan, would also leave tweets just as an obligatory gesture.

You will notice a lot of pretentious hashtags thrown around by these people: #proud.

Also, since the Indian cricket team is dedicating this world cup to the Indian soldiers, army, too, will be dragged into the conversation. 

india-vs-pakistan-cricket-match-letsdiskuss (Courtesy: Hindustan Times)

And then we will, sure, have Arnab Goswami and the likes, along with Shiv Sena and MNS, pulling the same old narrative: why play cricket with Pakistan and the nation is bigger than a cricket match. 

india-vs-pakistan-cricket-match-letsdiskuss (Courtesy: Qrius)

A few names like Gautam Gambhir would also voice their opinion against India vs. Pakistan match.

Somewhere in the world, following India's victory, Vinod Kambli would be laughing aloud.

Somewhere in the world, Yuvraj Singh will reminisce T20World Cup 2007 and World Cup 2011 -- and the way he helped the team clinch historic victories. 

india-vs-pakistan-cricket-match-letsdiskuss (Courtesy: Circle of Cricket)

In a few parts of the country, there would be an assumption that Indian Muslims are supporting Pakistan. Following India's victory, they might even be asked to leave for the neighboring country.

As for you and me, like sane and intelligent people, we would definitely not partake in the social media war, exchange abuses in the name of "trolling", and pull the nationalist narratives. We will just watch and enjoy a highly competitive cricket match between two very big rivals. And then by the end, we will retreat back to bed with that "Kal office Jaanahai yarr" feel!

These are, what I think, some interesting things about India vs. Pakistan match this World Cup 2019.

india-vs-pakistan-cricket-match-letsdiskuss (Courtesy: DNA India)


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