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Kuldeep Giri

Teacher | Posted on | News-Current-Topics

What more steps should be done for rural areas developement??


Blogger | Posted on

Much obliged for the A2A. It's an extremely major and significant inquiry.

Above all else, we need a difference in mentality. We need to consider the country India an essential piece of India and give it due significance. Verifiably, we have focused on agrarian development and prevailing in that, yet the cultural change that was required preeminent was rarely determined home.

Also, we need to recognize the essential containers of objectives, challenges, the dangers or obstacles towards achieve the objectives, moderation techniques.

Declare the ground reality and overcome any issues among sensible and physical thoughts. Our hypotheses are incredible on paper, however the fantasy parts of the bargains starts.

Recognize the sponsors of the state of affairs and sidestep them in usage stage. For example In the event that you request that the moneylender instruct individuals on subtleties of financials, he would undermine your task.

Genuineness, Truth and prioritization are fundamental. I don't anticipate that defilement should leave in a day, however every resident need to comprehend the impact of their choice. A gateman accepting kickbacks and permitting a late participant to a test isn't right, however his mix-up could never cost us as much as though that door man permits a man with a firearm enter a school work.


Writer | Posted on

Rural areas are base of any country as from their most of the migration is flowed to the city side. In recent times cities are gaining more prevalence than rural areas because of which they are left undeveloped. Some steps should be taken to develop these areas are:-


• Education is the key part of any nation’s development which not only contributes for nation but also improves the knowledge and lifestyle. Thus literacy rate must be increased and education must be kept compulsory for all age groups. So that they can read write and learn from others.
• Media plays an important role for development either it is print radio or television each contributes equal knowledge. Media helps to broadcast and imprint the world activity at one place through which one can get knowledge of all happenings and get prepared . It helps to improve and enhance others lifestyles and living standards. Thus every rural area must have circulation of newspapers or at least radio stations.
• The connectivity must be improved as roads and infrastructure is too bad that is destructed every time. So the roads must be paved with good concrete and houses building materials are good enough to handle weather changes.
• Along with that transportation facility must be improved city buses must join all the rural and interior areas so that people get convenience to travel.
• Rural areas must include basic facility of health as for anything they get medication near or in their village. A doctor and a nurse must be present in a hospital every time.
• Other than this government is taking some steps to encourage education and employment in rural areas so that there is more development of rural areas and less traffic in the city. As due to fewer opportunities people migrate to cities which results in increase of population.
Development has become city centered due to which less attention is given on rural areas, it is necessary to develop each areas then only country will become developed.


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