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What role should women play in making this world a safe place to live in?


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The changes we're looking for in this world won’t happen overnight. They won’t happen out of an event. They will happen through a process. And that "process" is going to take at least one generation.

So, when it comes to safety, women need to be self-accountable instead of preachy about how men should change their mentality. NOT that they are wrong. They are absolutely RIGHT. But what they are hoping for will take a generation to happen. Mentality shift doesn’t happen out of speeches and quotes. Men (and women) will continue carrying the same misogynistic notions. So, expecting them to "change" because they are "wrong" is naïve. This is why, for personal safety, being self-accountable is important.

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As patriarchal as this may sound, be careful about the places you visit and the people you trust. Take all the necessary measures. The first person responsible for your personal safety is you yourself. And not the police… Not the hope that men will change their conservative mindset.

Foremost, we’ve got to feel and be secure on the individual level. Only then can we collectively make this world a safe place, not just for one gender but for everyone. This down-to-upward approach will work.

Making enough noise if something wrong is happening around and being aware of the rights is the key to safety. There are many apps by the police also which can help women travel safe.

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Now coming to the broad answer to your question… what role should women play in making this world a safe place to live in for EVERYBODY?

There are many, many things that they should do.

Getting education is the biggest thing. And I don’t mean formal, degree-oriented education. I mean real knowledge and understanding of issues. I mean being a learned individual and not just educated. It's easy to echo the feminist idea that there's a pay gap between women-men; but do you know the numbers and facts and the reasons and the realities?!!!

The more learned they are, the bigger the say they will have.

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Of course, holding key positions in the government and judiciary is important. We cannot expect men to devise laws that protect women. Sure, they can empathize. But they can never feel the pain, scare, and trauma that women go through.

Remember, when half of the population is feeling safe, mass prosperity is inevitable.

Also, women must be strong role models for their kids. This doesn’t mean they should get in trousers and work in an office if they don’t want to. This simply means being strong and a good person. So that their kids look up to them and learn to be nice individuals. They must teach the kids, with help from the dads, to be empathetic, helpful, kind, have values and principles.

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Women should go out of their comfort bubble to dream big. They should go beyond the idea that coloring armpit hair is feminism. They should understand that blaming the other gender for nearly everything is plain victim mentality that will keep them shackled forever. They must be more solution-oriented.


what role should women play in making this world a safe place to live in for EVERYBODY?

There are many things they can do. They just need to do. Just do something. Anything.


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