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Malik Umair

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What secrets do women not want men to know?


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Women are often considered as the “mysterious sex”, and rightly so. Various studies and theories point out to the fact that you can never win a woman fully, which means, she will never tell you each and everything going on in her heart and mind. There will always be a part of her which would be impossible for you to get hold of.


Here are five secrets that women never ever let men know about:

1. We crave attention like anything

Only Charlie Puth could guess that right (ifywim ;). And indeed, we would want your attention before your heart. You not giving us attention pisses us off a great deal.

2. We love to share about our periods with men, but we hesitate.

Call it prejudice or the way society has made it a taboo, but we always want to share about the problems we have during periods if it’s not for being judged and creating and uncomfortable situation.

3. We compare our boyfriends with our exes.

We would never let you know, but each and every move of yours is getting scanned and compared. Be assured that you win 90% of times (that’s why we are with you), but the comparison would never stop.

4. Be it in different ways and degrees, but all of us have been harassed at least once in our lifetime.

Harsh, indigestible, but true. It can be rape, or just a passing comment or touch, we all have experienced it sometime in our life.

5. We will always shy away from proposing a guy, no matter how cool, strong, or independent we are.

It is a fact. Call it a weakness of women if you will, but some things are essential and inherent in us and will always be. We would always want the guy to propose us and would think the guy is cheap if he lets us pay on the first date.


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Almost all women would be able to do most things without any help from their guy. They can fix the plumbing, hammer those nails into the wall and change the bulb, on their own. But they'd pretend to depend on you because you've got to think ‘my girl really needs me by her side.’

How little things like hairy legs are sometimes a turn-on

How they ignore loads of sexist comments thrown their way everyday- ‘I'll teach the kid math, I'm the man here’, ‘it's okay, most women are bad drivers in general, so don't worry about your driving', and so on.

Sometimes, just SOMETIMES, when they ask you if the dress looks good on them, or if they look too fat, they want you to be honest.

They pleasure themselves too. In the most surprising ways.

If they've had any hots for you, even if you're ‘just their friend’, they'd think of you while they pleasure themselves.

They'd almost never let a guy see them digging their nose! :P

If good friends with the ex, they wouldn't tell him about all the one night stands or brief romantic adventures they've had after their breakup.


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