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What shocked you in ICC Cricket World Cup 2019?


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ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 was a great festival for cricket lovers. Till semi finals Indian fans were very enthusiastic and enjoying every match. But the first shock I considered is of India’s defeat in the semi final. India was winning most matches easily and it was predicted as a winner of ICC Cricket World Cup 2019. But as truth is truth, we lose to a low scoring match against New Zealand.

Next, Australia and South Africa’s exit from the world cup in preliminary stages was also a big shock to cricket fans all over the world.

It was also surprising if not shock to watch Dhoni playing defensive shots rather than his famous hits or helicopter shots.

Rain gave the real shock to all of us including players, spectators and fans.

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And the final shock was when New Zealand lose to England after a spectacular performance, super over and equal runs from super overs, from a controversial decision of umpires... But that final match was once in a life time match. Both England and New Zealand were great, even though the score was less. But their over all the match was mind-blowing. Even days after final of the ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 media and cricket fans were talking about the final only. 


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ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 was full of surprising twists and stunning moments.
Some of the incidents which stunned me was:

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Virat Kohli's Prediction on who will dominate the world cup/ Bowlers dominated World Cup.
Virat Kohli anticipated in the course of the ICC Pre departure captains press conference that this world cup will be dominated by way of bowlers. He stated that he consider suits are going to be tight and low scoring. The interesting section after the world cup is that, it actually happened!!
Both Knock out stages and team stage were dominated by bowlers.
• Mitchel Stark additionally broke the document of most wickets in a world cup.
Knock outs
•India Vs New Zealand was once an low scoring thriller.
• The Final used to be a ideal low scoring thriller. The most closest World Cup Final ever. Both crew have been tied up even after the Super Over. That is crazy!!
Big grasp goes to Virat Kohli, his evaluation was right.
2. Dhoni's Intent
I mean seriously!? Is that the intent a player playing for a amazing cricket group should have? What he was doing in the pitch was terrible. He was once playing too a great deal protecting which went wrong for India in a number of occasions. Even his positioning in the group was confusing. If we appear at the Indian Cricket Team in the World Cup. We had only three player positions as settled when we went for the World Cup, that itself was a draw back. When Rishabh came later he made a settled top 4 however still there was confusion on which quantity need to Dhoni bat. For that confusion solely Dhoni used to be the reason because Dhoni was once taking part in too defensively that the crew management constantly seemed burdened at the place Dhoni play.
Dhoni's Intent was completely questionable and disappointing at the semi finals against New Zealand. I would say( barring the concern of any Dhobians) that Dhoni was once the only purpose for the dismissal of Ravindra Jadeja. Jadeja was taking part in beautifully. But, he was not at all getting any support from the other side. All Dhoni did was once pressurising Jadeja through increasing the required run fee by way of taking part in too defensively. If Jadeja hits some boundaries or six and decreases the required run charge then towards Dhoni brings it to the identical degree by using wasting balls.
India used to be in want of runs with round 12 runs per over and Dhoni used to be leaving the remaining ball of the 47th Over. Was he enjoying test??
Having stated that I am no longer a hater of MS Dhoni. I suppose he deserved to be in the crew because the fact is that we didn't had a better desire than him to play in the team.
Even I am a tremendous fan Dhoni but truth is truth.
I don't recognize what all Dhobians will do with me.
3. Rohit Sharma's Luck
This guy used to be having hell lot of luck for the duration of the tournament. I mean, it went suitable for India however I swear I in no way saw a greater lucky batsman than Rohit Sharma in the records of World Cup and Cricket. Lots of catches have been dropped, effortless run outs had been missed, Poor subject placements were made towards him.
I idea this guy might spoil the record of Sachin Tendulkar of most runs in a single World Cup but he didn't.
4. India's batting line up / Ability of the batting line up to cop up with the pressure.
It was once definitely shocking. I mean, this batting line up is one of the worst batting line up India ever had in the World Cup history. Indians continually used to be proud of their batting line and the Indian team always used to remember on their batsmen greater than their bowlers. But, this Tournament was once proved contrary to the tradition, India's bowling department was way better than the batting department.
India's batting line up used to be so a great deal unsettled. Indian Cricket had no notion whom they make play at quantity 5,6,7. Pandya used to be top notch but he used to swap his function round in accordance to the situation. India never had a satisfied center and lower middle order for the duration of the total tournament. Number for was once the worst nightmare untill the inclusion of Rishabh Pant.
Inability of the batting line up to cop up with the strain used to be also horribly visible. The only motive for the defeat towards New Zealand used to be this lack of ability of the batting line up to cop up towards pressure. New Zealand developed stress thru right bowling and fielding and India misplaced their control over the game. They put three slips and most of the fielders inner the 30 yard circle and developed the pressure. That was once the state of affairs to play sensibly and do attack the bowlers a little bit so that they need to pressurised to put off some players from the 30 yard circle to end runs. But, India became too a lot defensive which price them the healthy and tournament. The incapability of the team to chase the whole was visible in opposition to each South Africa and England.


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