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Ram kumar

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What should every one of us know about Vasant Panchami?


News reporter (CEN News ) | Posted on

We just know Vasant Panchmi as the day when goddess Saraswati is worshipped, and as the day which marks the end of winter season, according to Hindu calendar. To this important Hindu festival, however, there is much more which must be known.

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Some of these facts are as follows.

1. Vasant Panchmi is the harbinger of new life. As the winter ends, the spring season arrives giving birth to new crops, flowers, and other earthly life. It is thus associated with greenery and happiness.

2. On this day, only Saraswati is not worshipped. The day is also known for the worship of Kamdeva. Not only this, Vasant Panchmi is also known as a perfect day for kite-flying.

3. On this day, the girls of 2-10 years are fed with saffron-colored rice, as they are considered the avatar of Goddess Sharda.

4. If you donate yellow-colored clothes to unmarried girls and poor, it will bring happiness and artistic knowledge in your home.

5. Beginning new things on this day is considered very auspicious. You can start the construction of your new house or get married on this day.


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