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Medha Kapoor

B.A. (Journalism & Mass Communication) | Posted on | Health-beauty

What tips should be there in your fashion list?


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Here are some practical guidelines to consider when curating your fashion collection:


1. Understand Your Body Shape: Familiarize yourself with your body type to select clothing that complements your unique silhouette, whether you have a pear, hourglass, or apple shape. 


2. Prioritize Wardrobe Staples: Lay the groundwork with timeless essentials such as a crisp white button-down, well-fitted jeans, a versatile little black dress, and a reliable blazer. These pieces offer endless mix-and-match possibilities.


3. Emphasize Quality: Opt for a select few high-quality items that endure over time, rather than an abundance of budget-friendly pieces that may not withstand wear and tear.


4. Elevate with Accessories: Accessories have the power to elevate any ensemble. Invest in an assortment of scarves, belts, and statement jewelry pieces to infuse personality into your outfits.


5. Consider Color Harmony: Discover hues that complement your skin tone and enhance your natural radiance. Experiment with different shades to find your perfect palette.


6. Tailoring Matters: The expertise of a skilled tailor can significantly enhance the fit and feel of your clothing. Well-adjusted garments can transform your overall look.


7. Prioritize Comfort: Style should never compromise comfort. If you feel at ease in your outfit, your confidence will shine through. Strike a balance between style and coziness.


8. Blend Styles: Experiment with mixing casual and formal elements to craft distinctive, fashion-forward ensembles that express your individuality.


9. Stay Informed but True to Yourself: Keep an eye on fashion trends, but remember, you're not obligated to embrace them all. Choose what aligns with your personal taste and style.


10. Embrace Sustainability: Be mindful of the environmental impact of your fashion choices. Opt for sustainable and ethically produced brands, explore thrift stores, or engage in upcycling to promote eco-consciousness.


11. Radiate Confidence: Above all, wear your attire with confidence. When you exude self-assurance, your fashion choices are bound to make a lasting impression.




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Works at Just White Shirts | Posted on

It is very important to choose the right outfits for your body type. Before you buy fashion apparel, consider buying them from high-quality clothing brands to make sure they fit well. Must have men's fashion essentials that will keep your style on point all the time are Jackets or blazers, customized suit, versatile trousers, collared dress shirts that match your skin tone especially the white shirts and the blues, casual shirts or tees, neckties, pocket squares, wallets, belts, cufflinks, a pair of boots, a pair of casual shoes, and the list goes on.


@letsuser | Posted on

Here are some tips that should be in every guy’s fashion list if he wants his first impression to be his best impression:

• Always choose the clothes that fit on you. Over-sized clothes are cool only for girls and hipsters. For a gentleman, well-fitted clothes is the style statement.

• Always try on clothes in stores before you buy them. Yea, that’s not going to make you less of a man.

• Get your suits tailored, to make them look more expensive.


• Avoid pleated pants, as they just don’t look classy at all.

• Roll up your sleeves on your bottom ups and flannels.


• Suits are best in dark and navy blue colors and casuals are best when they are a bit colorful.


Student (B.A(h) Philosophy, Content writer(Fashion and beauty) | Posted on

When it comes to fashion no one, I repeat no one wants to lack behind. Fashion has become one of the way to build a status symbol. Every one of us wants to shine wherever we go to. So, here below are some tips to lead a stylish bomb life. 
  • White sneakers: Who doesn't love to wear sneakers? You do, I do, we all do. Be it jeans, kurtis (just like Anushka Sharma Style in break up song) ,skirts or any outfit, sneakers are never out of trend. White sneakers are very much running in trend and we should go for it to be trendy! 
  • Bateau T-shirt: T-shirt never go out of cupboard. They are must have. It can give both formal and informal look. If you want to go for meetings or to greet someone T-shirt goes with both of them. To wear it one doesn't need to think twice. 
  • Bell bottoms : They were very much in trend in previous era but got out of trend. Now a days it again has occupied the place in trend list. It is must have in our cup boards. It gives the royal look when paired up with formal shirts or fancy tees. 
  • Denims: How can you forget your denims? The best friend of all of us. To wear it we don't think twice. Denims can be paired with any outfit be it western or indian. Letsdiskuss


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In creating a fashion list, there are a few hints that can help guide and motivate your style decisions. Here are a few key tips that can be remembered for your style list:


1. Realize your body type: Understanding your body type is fundamental in choosing garments that compliment your figure. Whether you have an hourglass, pear, apple, or square shape, center around featuring your best highlights and tracking down styles that supplement your body extents.


2. Dress for the event: Think about the specific situation and reason for your outfit. Dress fittingly for various events, whether it's for a proper occasion, relaxed home base, or expert setting. Adjusting your style to the event shows your design sense and comprehension of fitting clothing standards.


3. Pick colors that suit you: Trial with various varieties and track down tints that supplement your complexion, hair tone, and eye tone. While neutrals are flexible and immortal, adding pops of variety to your closet can carry dynamic quality and character to your outfits.


4. Construct an immortal case closet: Put resources into fundamental, immortal pieces that can be blended and matched to make different outfits. A couple of staples incorporate a well-fitting sets of pants, a flexible jacket, exemplary white traditional shirt, minimal dark dress, and agreeable yet in vogue shoes. These center pieces can act as an establishment for making various looks.


5. Try different things with patterns: While building an immortal closet is significant, it's likewise enjoyable to explore different avenues regarding current style. Remain refreshed with the most recent patterns by following design powerhouses, magazines, or style sites. Select patterns that resound with your own style and coordinate them into your outfits such that feels genuine to you.


6. Focus on subtleties: Focusing on little subtleties can hoist your general look. Consider adorning with gems, scarves, belts, or caps to add interest and character to your outfits. Furthermore, guarantee that your garments are well-fitted and appropriately custom-made to improve your outline and make a cleaned appearance.


7. Embrace your own style: Design is a declaration of singularity, so embrace your own style and wear garments that cause you to feel sure and agreeable. Explore different avenues regarding various styles, outlines, and surfaces to find what impacts you the most. Fostering your own remarkable style can assist you with laying out your design personality.


8. Offset patterns with adaptability: While investigating patterns, focus on pieces that offer flexibility and can be integrated into different outfits. This guarantees that your closet stays utilitarian and versatile. Blend in vogue things in with immortal fundamentals to work out some kind of harmony between current design and enduring style.


9. Solace is vital: Style doesn't need to be limited to uneasiness. Go for the gold look trendy as well as feel great to wear. Think about the texture, fit, and simplicity of development while choosing your outfits. At the point when you feel good, your certainty radiates through.


10. Own your style with certainty: The main tip is to wear your outfits with certainty. Own your style decisions and embrace your uniqueness. At the point when you are sure and agreeable in what you wear, you will ooze an attractive presence that upgrades your general design proclamation.


Keep in mind, your style rundown ought to be custom-made to your own inclinations and way of life. Utilize these tips as an establishment to foster your own design rules and have a great time investigating and developing your style.