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neha chauhan

Assistant professor ( Finance & Marketing) & Admission... | Posted 02 Nov, 2018 |

what will be the effect of upcoming venus in Cancers life ?

पंडित दयाराम शर्मा

Astrologer,Shiv shakti Jyotish Kendra | Posted 06 Dec, 2018

The uncountable heavenly bodies in the universe, moving constantly, have an immense impact on our lives. Amongst all these heavenly bodies, the nine planets of the solar system have the utmost importance when it comes to affecting our lives. These nine planets and their movements affect the horoscope of humans. It’s according to the positions and situations of these planets that the incidents of our lives unfold.

venus-impact-on-cancer-letsdiskuss (Courtesy: vedshastra.com)

Having the positive effect of Venus on any zodiac makes the life of the people belonging to that zodiac happy, peaceful, prosperous, and glorious.

This year, Venus is influencing the lives of people belonging to Cancer in a positive way. Venus is in the 5th house and hence, favors Venus. For people belonging to this zodiac sign will be having a great and fun time and their creative energies will be at best. It will be an enjoyable time of life as there could emerge many prospects of fun and romance. Cancers need to take things easy and go with the flow to make the best of the impact of Venus while it lasts.

The impact of Venus on other zodiac signs is as follows:

• Aries: It is bound to get happiness and wealth from Venus. The marital life of this zodiac depends greatly on the planet.

• Taurus: Venus bestows this zodiac with good health and personality. When Venus is absent from the 7th house, the prospects of jobs are very good for Taurus.

• Gemini: On Venus depends the happiness of the family, wisdom, and knowledge of the Gemini. The positive impact of Venus on this zodiac, it will help in your search for your soul mate.

• Leo: Venus blesses Leo with high rank and dignity in life.

• Virgo: The planet influences the religious and the travel spheres in a Virgo’s life.

• Libra: In this zodiac, Venus controls health and aging.

• Scorpio: Venus affects the marriage, business, and relationships of Scorpio.

• Sagittarius: Job and health are affected by this planet.

• Capricorn: The positive impact of Venus gives prestige and honor.

• Aquarius: It affects the mind, heart, and emotions of this zodiac.

• Pisces: Venus gives success to this zodiac, and enhances their ability of writing, art, music, and expression.

Translated from Hindi