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Sumil Yadav

Sales Manager... | Updated 10 Aug, 2018 |

What you should do to get best room art and furniture in house?


Posted 18 Oct, 2019



I want to suggest you Stainless Steel architecture Furniture . today  this type of architecture design is very attractive and unique for everyone. you can use decorate your House, office, balcony,garden also.

I also use some art design Furniture by Fabrinox.

i am also giving some picture or art design and Stainless Steel architecture i think you will absolutely  like these product.

Thank you 

Ashar Siddiqui

@letsuser | Posted 18 Jan, 2019

 Clever Interior Design Tricks to Transform Your Home

Paint littler rooms in milder, lighter hues to help make the room feel bigger.

Utilize beautiful mirrors to add moment light to your living space. 

Blend it up. 

Slip into something somewhat more agreeable! 

Wicker containers. 

Add a hanging pot holder to your kitchen

tanya narang

Student (B.A(h) Philosophy, Content writer(Fashion and... | |Updated 02 Jun, 2018

No matter if it is family room, drawing room, or a living room, Each and every nook and corner of the house has the right to look the best out of best.  No matter what,your house should be best place to live in.

We all want our  room and the furniture in the room to look impressive and according to the modern trends.

So here are few tips that you can do to make a house a best place to live :

  • Calm colours:

In the living room are you can always go for mulberry, palm tree colour, blue, green and many more. These colours not only help you to get in your comfort zone but make the environment green and happy.

  • Always forgo the chairs:

The oversized couches, sofas  allow everyone to sit without touching each other. Sofas in the living room and dining room  always look magnificent. So do opt for the same.

  • Use a barn door:

The barn doors always allows the living room to be separated from kitchen. Also  The barn doors doesn't occupy much space. The barn doors these days are super inn.

  • Invest in antique furniture :

Antique interiors are very much in these days. As per your budget, invest in at least one fine antique per room. The round french marble table becomes the focal point of the space in drawing room or living room.

Here are some tips given which you can go for to make the home better place to live in.