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When and why do we celebrate World Environment Day?


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Hey friends, Happy World Environment day 2021! Well, we all are running through a very bad phase of Covid in 2021. And today i.e. 5th June2021 is World Environment Day. This day has a great significance in all our lives that has been discussed in the latter part of the answer.


We often hear that nature maintenance is very important or forest cutting is harmful to the environment. But have we all ever unitedly thought of doing anything against these wrong practices? If we have not yet, we should immediately start restricting these issues. We all are now aware that plastic is unhealthy for our environment and so we also have heard about the slogan 'Ban plastic'.


History of World Environment Day


In 1972, the United Nations established World Environment Day. This was the first day when the Stockholm Conference on the human environment came into existence.


Since 1974, several host countries have started celebrating World Environment Day. The very first theme of this day was 'Only One Earth'.


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Importance of World Environment Day


The target of celebrating this day is to make people aware of the importance of the environment in our life and it must never be taken for granted.


The whole world observes this day to show respect and give importance to everything that the environment has given to the life of human beings. This day calls for the responsibility of every human being to protect this helpful environment.


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The theme of World Environment Day 2021


The theme of any day means to celebrate the day with any motive. You all must be curious to know about the theme of World Environment Day 2021.


Well in 2020, the theme of the day was 'Celebrate Biodiversity' which was hosted by Columbia with Germany as a partner.


In 2021, the theme of World Environment Day is 'Ecosystem Restoration. This year Pakistan has been hosting the event of World Environment Day. The day can be celebrated by planting trees, rewilding gardens, making rivers and coasts clean, and changing diets. And this year, our motto should be protecting and enhancing the greenery of the cities.


Yes, it is covid time and we are in a locked-down position. But still do your best to protect the natural environment and let this be your mantra for World Environment Day 2021, #worldenvironmentday2021.


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