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Khushboo Gupta

HR Executive | Posted on | Entertainment

Where to find famous love quotations?


Student | Posted on

This is a very common question searched in Google. Love quotes are very desirable. whether you are writing an essay in an exam or a love letter, starting with a famous love quotation by any famous poet, author, writers can

make a huge difference. It depends on us what to consider as a "famous" love quote because Love is always connected with the soul. So whatever comes out from the soul is pure, famous. The meaning of love is still not clear. The meaning, definition of love varies from person to person. The only thing that remains constant is love gives us a new reason to live a life.


There is no perfect love story. Love is all about loving your imperfections. Thus a love story is a true story of

accepting your flaws. Is it always necessary to have a happy ending to your story? Aren't incomplete stories the most beautiful ones? Love is that string that binds the heart and the mind together. There are thousands of

languages in which you say "love" like love in Hindi as "peyaar"  to love in Spanish as Te amo But does it make any difference? Because Love is always felt. It's all about feeling each other's emotions and filling each other's

drawbacks. Love is sometimes better to be unsaid.

Heartbreaks are very common in today's generation. And a very common trend of people is after they go through a breakup they directly go to Google and search for sad love quotes. And they often forget that those love quotes are going to hurt them more. This has become the  "new love" theory or today's trend of youth. The old school love is fading away with time. This is the world of Tinder. Sad but true. People are forgetting that love is not always about being physical, it is more of an emotional type. Not always kisses on lips are desired. Sometimes a kiss on the forehead is like a blissful feeling of protection and warmth. Everything is changing with time. But for me, love should be always a pure feeling of the soul.


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