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Brijesh Mishra

Businessman | Posted 07 Dec, 2018 |

Which 7 software products will HCL buy from the American Company IBM?

Preeti Taneja

Entrepreneur | |Updated 07 Dec, 2018

HCL Technologies is acquiring a select range of IBM Software products for $1.8 billion. The deal is now credited as the biggest acquisition of HCL technologies in history. The whole process of the acquisition will be completed within the first half of 2019.

The exact strategic reason why HCL tech is buying IBM Software products is not really known. Or, for that matter, why is IBM selling these products, even when they represent a total addressable market of above $50 billion, is not known.

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I mean, sure both these tech giants have released their respective Press Releases and cited some reasons—but these reasons are fairly vague. Perhaps because of this uncertainty have the shares of HCL Technologies, since the news came out, fell by 7 percent (last I checked).

In the release, the President and CEO of HCL Technologies, C Vijayakumar, said, “The products that we are acquiring are in large growing market areas like Security, Marketing and Commerce which are strategic segments for HCL. Many of these products are well regarded by clients and positioned in the top quadrant by industry analysts.”

On the other hand, the Senior Vice President of IBM’s Cognitive Solutions and Research, in a statement, said “We believe the time is right to divest these select collaboration, marketing, and commerce software assets, which are increasingly delivered as stand-alone products. At the same time, we believe these products are a strong strategic fit for HCL, and that HCL is well positioned to drive innovation and growth for their customers.”

(Courtesy: MarketWatch)

As for what IBM Software Products is HCL Technologies acquiring, there are a total of seven: 

· Commerce- A software platform framework for e-commerce. 

· AppScan- A set of web security testing and monitoring tools. 

· BigFix- A systems-management software product. 

· Connections- A web 2.0 enterprise social software application. 

· Notes & Domino- A client-server software used for collaboration. 

· Portal- An enterprise software to build and manage web portals. 

· Unica- A set of enterprise marketing management products. 

Hope this answers your question well and thoroughly.