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which are the best 77+ Cute Instagram Captions for Friends??


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I am not sure if I understand the question correctly. You have an image with friends, you want to upload it on Instagram along with a caption. Did I get that correctly? (Hopefully, yes!)

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I believe, if you want to caption a happening image of/with friends, it really depends on the kind of bond you share with them. For instance, if you’re the alpha of the group, something like “Saturday night with the squad #fun” would be a good choice. However, if you’re a bit introvert and a tag-along of the group, something like “Fun with friends. Saturday night set #FriendsGoals” would fit better.

So, what kind of bond do you share with your friends? Reflect on that and you will know yourself what you should caption the picture before you upload it on Instagram. It’s a really a very personal choice.

How you feel about them, what kind of fun you had with them, how you communicate with them, if there is some inside joke in the group—these are basically the things you should consider when coming up with Instagram captions for friends. There’s no right or wrong way to do this.

Coming to your exact question “cute Instagram captions for friends” – ‘cute’ being the key word here, there are a lot of cute captions that you can upload that are apt for all ages. Look online for some good quotes on friendship. The web is filled with such quotes.


And, of course, there’s a MASSIVE collection of friendship quotes on Good Reads. 

Now note, please avoid anything too cheesy. (You will find a lot of them!) Make sure they are short in length and easy to understand. Use the right (and limited) hashtags like ‘#friends #friendship’. And most importantly, avoid picking “cute” quotes for Instagram captions that will make you ***** of the joke.

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Remember, yes, they are your friends. But they are equally insecure. So, they wouldn’t mind making fun of you on Instagram in the garb of “friendship”. So, whatever quote you choose, make sure it doesn’t make you a laughing stock.

And yes, stop thinking and caring so much about the Instagram caption. Like, seriously!


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