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Aditya Singla

Marketing Manager (Nestle) | Updated 30 Jul, 2018 |

Which city of India has fastest broadband speed?

Sathish varun

student | Posted 28 Mar, 2020

On looking at the fixed and versatile download speeds in the 15 biggest urban communities in India, the reports shows Chennai had by a wide margin the quickest mean download speed over fixed broadband (51.07 Mbps), trailed by Bengaluru (42.50 Mbps) and Hyderabad (41.68 Mbps). The slowest download speeds were estimated in Nagpur (20.10 Mbps), trailed by Pune (22.78 Mbps) and Kanpur (23.20 Mbps)

Ritwik Singh

Manager at Amazon | |Updated 20 Mar, 2018

According to a survey by broadband speed tester Ookla, Chennai is the city ranked first among 20 cities in India for having the fastest fixed broadband speed. 

Chennai has downloading speed of 32.67mbps (megabits per second) for fixed broadband that is 57.7% faster than the national average of 20.72 Mbps. Next to Chennai, Bengaluru has an average speed of downloading 31.09mbps. 

While Delhi ranked fifth with the average speeds around 23.57mbps. Mumbai ranked the lowest among four major cities and with an overall ranking of eight, with a downloading speed of 17.01mbps.

Hathway, an internet service provider offers the speed upto 200mbps in Chennai and 100 mbps upto in Bengaluru because they witness higher data demand in Chennai as compared to Bengaluru.

Cities like Chennai, Hyderabad and Bengaluru have a higher population of young, working professionals who like to spend time online most of the time and they are data hungry folks that drives consumption of broadband.