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Kamal Kapoor

@letsuser | Posted 13 Oct, 2018 |

Which is better Amazon or Flipkart?

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Founder & CEO at AERO2ASTRO | Posted 05 Nov, 2018

amazon is much better than flipkart.

Hitesh rathi

Blogger and Digital marketer | Posted 22 Oct, 2018


sushil seo

digital marketing | Posted 20 Oct, 2018

mostly both of same. But if you want get good quality then you try on flipkart other wise amazon give big discount according flipkart.

Kamlesh Joshi

network engineer and ethical hacker | Posted 20 Oct, 2018

amazon is much  is better than Flipkart

Urmila Solanki

BBA in mass communication | Posted 17 Oct, 2018

A rather debatable question indeed. The two online retailer giants, Amazon and Flipkart are ever in the neck to neck competition with each other and it’s more difficult than it really seems to choose one over the other.

While Flipkart is hailed as “India’s homegrown e-commerce player and the most trusted Indian e-tailing brand”, Amazon, not to forget is “the planet’s oldest and biggest online retailer”.

Flipkart has always been ready to give a tough competition to Amazon in India, right from collaborating with Myntra and launching its mobile app even before than Amazon, to its recent collaboration with Walmart to become the best in India.


According to some users, it is indeed the best, and hence better that Amazon. Users have found Flipkart more customer friendly and helpful in setting priorities than Amazon, which is the most important aspect for any e-commerce company.

According to a research, both Flipkart and Amazon are equally popular in metro cities, while Flipkart is more popular when it comes to tier I and tier II towns. When it comes to trust and value proposition, both Flipkart and Amazon stands equal.

When it comes to user experience, I personally have found Amazon’s app a little confusing and they don’t even offer to change the address after some time period. With Flipkart, you can change the address any time before the date of dispatch.

So according to my personal experience, Flipkart is far better than Amazon in most of its aspect.