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Parthajit Bairagi

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Which is the best projection shot?


Business Head at Kirati Kreations | Posted on

Projector technology is one of the biggest advancements in the technology sector. These are some small & mobile projectors easy to access. These give a clear picture & video of the film. The projectors can be used anywhere at home, office, classroom lectures or to simply watch your favorite films. Many tech giants have designed the projectors in their unique ways. So, today we will note down some of the best short throw latest projector technology:
1. ViewSonic PA503S: ViewSonic PA503S is one of the best short throw projectors which has the brightest mode, high contrast ratio, standard mode, high color quality & many more. The resolution of the same is almost 800*600.
2. LG HF85JA: This is an Ultra Short Projector which has a shorter screen with a very high contrast ratio of 150000:1. The resolution of this short throw project is HD 1920*1020.

3. IRULU P5: The IRULU P5 is a portable multimedia short throw projector best used for watching films, gaming process, home theatre or classroom lectures. The resolution of the same is 1280*768.
4. Epson VS250: Epson VS250 has high light areas with 3200 lumens. It is capable of playing digital media from PCs & Macs via HDMI Cable. The resolution of the same is 800*600.
5. BenQ HT205OA: The BenQ HT2050A is one of the best short throw projectors with 6x speed color wheel of Cinematic Colour. The resolution is almost 1920*1080.
Some of the other best short throw projectors are Optoma GT 1080 Darbee, ViewSonic PS510W, Optoma GT7508, InFocus Corporation IN119HDx & many more that can give you a brighter picture, HD quality, brighter colors & many more.


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