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Which is your favourite Hindu mythology story?


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One day Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati were going through a wonderful day in their dwelling place. Goddess Parvati energetically secured Lord Shiva's eyes with her hands. Unexpectedly, haziness dropped on earth, and her hands began sweating. The perspiration fell on the ground, and a youngster was conceived, dazzle. At the point when Goddess Parvati eliminated her hands structure Lord Shiva's eyes, light was reestablished on earth.
The couple chose to give the kid to Hiranyaksha, a Daitya ruler, who was childless and was appealing to God for a child. Hiranyaksha received the kid as his child and named him, Andhaka. At the point when he grew up, he was delegated the lord.
Andhakasura, as he came to be known, performed cut off compensations to Lord Brahma.
Intrigued by his dedication, Lord Brahma asked him, "What do you wish for?" Andhakasura approached him for triumphs for a mind-blowing duration and everlasting status. Master Brahma allowed him the primary aid, and included, "I won't have the option to give you eternality as death is inescapable piece of life." He rather honored him that he will bite the dust when he will look for the unreachable.
Andhakasura, furnished and ensured by the gift of Lord Brahma, seethed a horrible war against the divine beings. The divine beings were weak before his forces and looked for Lord Shiva's assistance. Master Shiva, subsequent to hearing their supplications, chosen to mediate and overcome Andhakasura.
When Andhakasura heard that Lord Shiva had chosen to battle in the war, he was angered. He assembled all his trusted and strong warriors and sent them to the war. Obviously, Lord Shiva slaughtered all the evil presences and continued to battle Andhakasura. Andhakasura and Lord Shiva began battling, yet Andhakasura before long understood that he was no counterpart for Lord Shiva. He fled and concealed himself in Goddess Parvati's chambers, with the expectation to kidnap her and show Lord Shiva a thing or two. This rankled Lord Shiva so much that he struck his spear at him. When the blood streamed out of Andhakasura's body and fell on the ground, thousand additional evil spirits took birth.  
Ruler Vishnu was watching the war from a good ways. At the point when he saw the circumstance escaping hands, he mediated and utilized his sudarshan chakra to murder the devils resulting from Andhakasura's blood. At long last, Lord Shiva hit Andhakasura with his pike, and held him up for a long time. Master Shiva gathered his blood, to evade the introduction of more devils structure Andhakasura. In the wake of being suspended on Lord Shiva's pike for more than thousand years, Andhakasura understood his slip-up and looked for absolution structure Lord Shiva. At long last, harmony ruled again on earth and the sky.



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