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Akshay Mehrotra

Student | Posted 08 Apr, 2021 |

Which stone is most expensive and why?

Anushka Maity

Student | Posted 10 Apr, 2021

While discussing the most expensive stones, there arise many names but the one which is above all other stones is the blue diamond. It is worth $3.93 million per carat. It is found very rare and it’s one of the reasons for being the most expensive one. Blue diamond comes in a dark blue colour and is very clear and transparent. It is the highest quality diamond with the highest carat weighted stone. The dark blue colour of the diamond is due to the

presence of the Boron atom in the carbon atom. Blue diamond comes in a variety of colours and found in Australia, South Africa and India. It is very expensive also due to its rarity. The darker the colour of the blue diamond, the more expensive it is.

picture courtesy- Astteria

This blue diamond is not used in ordinary jewellery but only used in antique pieces due to its high price. For its attractive and beautiful look, it is considered the best stone. Blue diamond has made the highest position in almost all auctions and secured its place as the most

expensive stone in the world. Some of the blue diamonds like Hope diamond, Wittelsbach-Graff diamond, Heart of Eternity are very famous. This blue diamond represents truth, eternity, peace, spirituality. It is the diamond which is found naturally in dark blue colour and doesn’t have to polish or treat to get the colour. As a blue diamond comes in a different colour and is rare but only the pure one with pure colour is very unique. The high price of the blue diamond is also because of its high demand in the market.