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Who is the greatest person whose contribution India has forgotten?


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Birsa Munda

Political dissident, Prophetic figure, society saint.

At the point when britisher began obtaining ancestral's property, and applied charges on tribals. He proclaimed battle against Britisher in 1890, it was arrangement of assaults on Britisher, he and his adherent accomplished for a very long time, he killed numerous British police officers and terminated numerous administration structures and places of britisher. They were utilizing "Guerilla war charge" against British.

This war shook Britisher, government proclaimed Rs 500 as remuneration for Birsa's capture. government sent group of armed force to squash the tribals. britisher intensely assaulted on Munda worriers and clans, in that so numerous tribals were murdered, as "Jaliyan Wala Bagh". so many set in fire. this was chronicled war battled against Birtisher by indian tribals.

Birsa was an ancestral pioneer, brought into the world in Munda-ancestral network, it was clear he confronted neediness and lack of education. In the youth he met a pracharak, because of him, he got opportunity to contemplate, to get more investigation he joined German Mission School for that it was necessary to change over to Christianity, he did as such. later he established his own religion, which was against law of chapel. in ancestral network it was new sun of religion, ancestral enlivened and impacted by his idea, and he became prophetic figure in ancestral network. Presently he is designated "Bhagwan Birsa Munda", "Dharati Aba" (The Father of the Earth) in tribals.

Birsa stir tribals and more vulnerable part of India, he gave message that, ancestral likewise can battle against foul play and for their essential rights.

His picture hangs in the Central Hall of the Indian parliament.



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