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Who were the powerful warriors in Indian history?


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History is loaded with such names. Which period you need to know appropriately on could reply.


  • Raja Ichwaku,
  • Raghu,
  • Dilip,
  • Dashrath,
  • Ram,
  • Krishna,
  • Pandavas,
  • Bhishma
  • Drona and so on are verifiable names.

In the ongoing past

  • Maharana
  • Bappa Rawal,
  • Raja Hamir,
  • Rana Sanga,
  • Maharana Pratap,
  • Shivaji,
  • Guru Govind Singh,
  • Vir Banda Vairagi,
  • Jhansiki Rani and a lot more rundown will be too enormous to name .



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 The land of India gave birth to many brave warriors, who sometimes expanded their empire to acquire new land, and sometimes to defend their land from foreign invasion. Most of these people were also efficient rulers and savvy tacticians, who resolved and stopped internal rebellions and helped their kingdom prosper. Listed below are the 10 greatest fighters in Indian history. They are responsible for many events in Indian history.

1. Emperor Ashoka

2. Chandragupt Maurya

3. Prithviraj Chauhan

4. Maharana Pratap

5. Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj

6. Chandragupta II Vikramaditya

7. Akbar

8. Rani Lakshmi Bai


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