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Why are youngsters getting more and more into astrology?


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Astrology is there in India and most of the countries of the world for thousands of years. This pseudoscience explains the relationships between human beings and the movements of celestial objects from their birth to death.

From parrot reading to tarot card reading, from palm leaves of Vaidheeswaran koil in Tamil Nadu to computer generated horoscopes, the astrology has taken a rocket like leap. Almost all the people are having the habit of reading daily astrological forecast and predictions.

Don’t think that only the uneducated villagers and old people go to astrologers. Even the millennials are attracted to astrology enormously.

As there is tension in everybody’s life in this competitive world, youngsters also interested in knowing their future. They think that, astrology and its remedy to overcome the struggles in life will counter attack the problems they are facing.

Youngsters wanted to know about their future regarding stability, success, love life, marriage and carrier. And in some cases the astrology will boost the self confidence and will leave positive effects on persons.

It is their personal life. So if youngsters wanted to learn about their future, it is OK. But they should not fall into the trap of fake and false astrologers and ending with losing all their money doing remedies. Our life is in our hand. If we work hard, fruits will be in our hands in the future.

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