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Sher Singh

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Why Delhi-s CM and Ministers are on hunger strike?


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First, let’s get this clear. CM Arvind Kejriwal isn’t on any hunger strike. He is just in a sit-in protest against Delhi Lt. Governor. And so are Deputy CM Manish Sisodia and Labour Minister Gopal Rai. Only Health Minister Satyendra Jain is on indefinite hunger strike.

Now, the question is why all this protest and strike?

Well, given how far Kejriwal has come up as a politician, all these can have some kind of political motivations. But on the surface, what he and AAP are saying is that they have several demands that they want Delhi Lt. Governor Anil Baijal to fulfill.

One, to end the strike of IAS officers, who haven’t been working for four months now after the alleged assault on Chief Secretary Anshu Prakash. Two, take action against these IAS officers who are on strike. Three, approve the proposal of doorstep delivery of rations.

It’s nearly a week now and these 4 ministers have been protesting in the LG office’s waiting room. LG Baijal has rubbished this protest, calling it “dharna without reason”.

At the moment, Delhi is experiencing a big water crisis. During such time, is it really a sane move for 4 of the top Delhi ministers to leave their work and protest (comfortably)? The opposition doesn’t think so. To voice their views against CM Arvind Kejriwal move, BJP, too, is having sit-in protests in multiple places. Some of BJP’s leaders, in fact, have gone on to indefinite hunger strike against the hunger strike of AAP minister.

In short, the Delhites are in the midst of protest season. It sucks though that this season has come in summer, where their plates are already full with countless problems, including the scarcity of water.

If history tells us anything, it’s very likely that this current battle will continue for more days. CM Arvind Kejriwal will take the fight on a larger scale now with latest Satyendra Jain in the hospital and Delhi HC objecting their sit-in in someone’s office. Just to keep his face, LG Baijal would eventually agree to some of the demands of AAP. On the other hand, BJP will try with all its might to leverage the opportunity to gain political points. And Congress, as always, will remain a spectator, reacting from the outside.