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Prashant Kumar

@letsuser | Posted 13 Nov, 2018 |

Why did 17 million Indians leave India last year?

Shiwani Kumar

Writer | Posted 21 Nov, 2018

17 million Indians left India last year due to several big opportunities and employment too. It has been observed that people are preferring to shift abroad. according to an IndiaSpend analysis of data from the United Nations Department of Economic Affairs, it is estimated that 17 million Indians are living in abroad in 2017, which makes India the largest source country for international migrants worldwide.

The people who were not getting employment in India migrated to abroad for employment opportunities resulted in an increase of India's per capita income by 522 percent. And according to the reports by Asian development bank, the number of unskilled migrants leaving the country has been falling an estimated 391,000 left India in 2017, almost half the number in 2011 (637,000).
India is a developing country thus it has less number of opportunities. As education is increasing the employment needs are also getting wider. So in search of good jobs and opportunities, people tend to migrate abroad for better opportunities.